This i believe.

I believe in karma. That whatever we do and every single decision we make will stay with us- both the good and the bad. I believe that no person is every completely freed from the past because whatever we did will catch up to us and predict our future.

Every since we were in little kids we have been taught that “whatever goes around comes around” and I couldn’t agree more. I feel like the universe has its own way of both punishing and rewarding us for our actions. When we do good we are rewarded and when we do bad we are punished.Many people often do bad to others and don’t get caught living their lives thinking they are off the line, I don’t believe this. I believe that we will get punished for our mistakes weather it be 20 years into the future or the next day. Similarly when we help someone or do a good deed I believe it will catch up to us and we will get rewarded.

Every one views karma differently, many don’t believe in it at all because they claim that bad people never get punished and the good die young. I feel like this is false. Although they might not directly get punished I believe they still suffer. For many people  watching a loved one in pain is more painful than being in pain themselves, and I feel that sometimes karma effects people indirectly through the people they love.

For me karma is a part of my life everyday. Before I do anything that might hurt someone both either physically or mentally, I always ask myself weather this is something I would want to happen to me. I very strongly believe that we build the circumstances of our own futures. Those who are suffering have made people suffer and vice versa.



Final exam

Me as a writer.

For me writing is a way to express my feelings , it helps me bring out my emotions in a way that i probably wouldn’t be able to do verbally. Writing is very important it helps me make connections with the reader without any actual contact. My writing identity is very creative, personally i find it easier to write my thoughts on a piece of paper than to actually express them in person. When im writing i get all sorts of ideas and i feel the creative side of me really comes out. Throughout this course i definantly think i have grown a lot as a writer. I discovered some new ways of thinking and getting creative, and also realized that a good piece of work doesnt always need to follow the criteeria as long as it comes from within and has meaning to you. When im writing i feel like im in my own world, because i hold the power to make anything come to life and thats why i love writing fiction . A piece of advice i would give to writers would be to always write what you want, not what anyone tells you to write about and stay true to your own style.

Me as a blogger.

Blogging has been really fun during this class. It has given me a chance to share some of my work and think outside the box. Along with writing my own blog i really enjoyed reading the class blogs and seeing some of the amazing work everyone was doing. Two of my favorite blogs belonged to Dara and Crystal, and i learnt a lot from them by just reading some of their best work. After this course i plan on still publishing some of my work from ELA 30 and reading work that other student post as well. I also plan on posting some personal pieces of wrting that i write on my own and not as part of a class to help me improve my writing skills and get more creative. I will also blog about things that i do for example my travels or adventures that i go on and keep this blog as a way to document what i do and improve my writing.

Me the student.

For me the my most memorable moments from creative writing are probably either the 6 word stories or the walks to the river. I felt like the 6 word stories were probably the best way to start of the blogs because they were very creative and got us thinking outside the box and each story had special menaing to everyone. The walks to the river got everyone to think more creatively than they normally would. A lot of times in class we are stitting in a desk with 30 other students in a sqaure room  and expected to come up with something creative, and i feel like i can never think. However the walks to the river really helped me think and gave me a lot of ideas about stuff i could write about. From all the people we saw to just watching the river flow was definantly worth it in my opinion. As a reader this semester i did not achieve my goals i only read 3 books and defnantly did not read daily. My goal for the next semester is to read half an hour every day and analyze what i read, so actually take  a minute to think about it and process it to help me further understand the book. I feel like doing this will directly reflect onto my writing. As a writer this semester i feel like i have definantly improved and discovered a more creative side to myself. Before, when i would write i would always think about something simple and not take a risk and just wanted to get the assignment done with. During this semester however i really wrote about some personal stuff and discovered a new side to my writing.

Me, the critic.

Short story. Moscow

This is about a woman who gets kidnapped and before her “death” it’s revaled she has schizophrinia.

For me this was one of my first pieces that i wrote in this class. The begining of the story is talking about a woman and how her boyfriend is actually a undercover drug lord and he kidnaps her. Normally for me i would have ended the story with her escaping or the police arriving. However this year i got a little more creative and wanted to change up my writing style so i wrote about how she has schizoprinia and the whole thing was just in her head. One of my biggest challenges for this was trying to add foreshadowing throughout the story. I wanted to put in little bits and pieces that predicted she was just mentally ill rather than a kidnapping vicim and that was a diffucult thing to do without giving away to much. I got the idea to write this from another class i taking called Psychology and at the time we were studying schhizoprinia patients.

Spoken word. Jailed at four.

This is about school and how the student are treated like inmates and slowly brainwashed and controlled.

This spoken word was about how i truly feel about school. A lot of times we are told to write about school and we write that we dont like it and cant wait to get out but i really wanted to go into deatil and talk about how i feel we are treated and everyhting wrong with the system. One of the main reason i decided to write about school was because i heard that the principle was going to watch the performances and i knew that this would be the only opportunity i get to openly express my thoughts without any consequences. One of the main challenges i faced while writing this was trying to keep it professional and not make is seem like a rant but rather a spoken work and sound passionate about it.


Me, the fan.

My writing seminar was about Nathaniel Hawthorne. The reason me and Dara decided to do him is because nobody really knows about him although he has written a lot of work we wanted to read some of it. Nathaniel is obsessed with symobols. For example in the Scarlett Letter the symbole A is all over the book for example A for adultry and for allienated. For me i learnt a lot from him and i am very happy that this is the author we chose to do. One thing i learnt was how to add symbols to your writing to keep it more interesting. Another thing i learnt from him was to not write what people want to read but to write what you want to write. For example for him when he wrote he never tried to write what was sell rather wrote stuff that had meaning to him. I plan on reading more of his work next semester and emulating anything i find interesting.

A writing seminar i really liked was Edgar Allen Poe by Emma and Matt. The reason i liked their author is because he has a very different and unique style of writing and he is also similar in many ways to Nathaniel Hawthorne. I also feel like the way they described him was very good and made me want to read more of him. One book that i really want to read is The Raven.

River writing rocks



“What is coming is better than what is gone”

“Whatever your past has been you have a spotless future”

“If you’re looking for a sign this is it”

“Bad news. Your never gonna fit it. Good news. The great ones never do”

“Reality is wrong, dreams are for real”

“No rock is ever perfectly round”

Reading Ladder

Over the summer one of the books i read was “In cold blood” By Truman Capote. This was a very different book and i thought the beggining was very slow but around one thirds of the book it picked up and was very susensful and overall i really enjoyed it and it ended up being one of the best books i’ve ever read.

Another book i read was The Kite Runner by Khaled Hossani. This book was amazing from start to finish, i was hooked all throughout it and have never finished a book so fast.

Pride and Prejudice by Jane Ausetn is the most recent book i’ve read and i really enjoyed it and can’t wait to read some more of Jane Ausens work.

I read the Scarlett Letter by Nathaniel Hawthrone after watching the movie easy A.

Books i am currently reading

The Glass Castle by Jeannette Walla

The Fault In Our Stars by John Green


Here are some things that i live by and inspire me


“Everyday is a second chance”

“If plan A didnt work out, the alphabet has 25 more letters”

“Life begins at the end of your comfort zone”

“The best way to predict the future is to write it”

“If you don’t believe in yourself there’s no way anyone else will”



Pride and Prejudice review ( Free choice )

I just finished reading the book Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen. The main reason i chose to read this book was because i had heard many good things about it and it seemed like a challenging book to read. After reading it i feel like this is a very powerful book to read in todays modern day because it really shows how times have changed since 19th century (When this book was set) and it got me thinking about the treatment of women back in that day and some possible similarities today. For example when Mr.Bingley moves in all the families want their daughters to marry him before they even meet him because he is a wealthy and well established man. This shows how all a man needed to be was rich and he could get almost any girl he wanted, and how a womans maing focus in life was to get such a man. This kind of applies in our society still with women and men in less established countries where a man is the main breadwinner or even in North America with gold diggers, who try and get rich men. Another thing i also thought was king of relatable to todays society was the theme class. The Bennets are portrayed as a middle class family and the Mr. Darcy and Mr. Bingley are portrayed as higher class citizens. Although they go to the same parties and socialize with eachother it seems as if the bennets were being looked down upon or being treated as lower. I feel like Jane Austen may have done this on purpose to showcase Mr. Darcys pride by the way he treats his inferiors. The way i thought this was relatable in todays society was with a lot of pride filled people today. For example a lot of celebrities treat their fans and other people (such as interviewrs) as inferiors. When i first decided to read this book i didnt think i would make it through because it was written in the 19th century. I thought it would be hard to translate and just plain boring because this stuff isnt something we’d see today, however i felt like Jane Austen is actually really easy to translate and doesn’t over complicate her work. I also thought the book was really interesting overall and definantly worth reading over a lot of modern day literature.


Movie Poster for Pride and Prejudice

My review of Othello

Recently we took a class trip to the Vertigo theater to watch The Shakespeare Company bring Othello to life. There were many things about this play that really took me by surprise and just left me amazed and lost for words. In my opinion the Shakespeare Company did an unbelievable job at not only bringing the characters to life in such a dramatic way but also with the many different  forms of symbolism and foreshadowing; and not to mention the amazing cast. They defiantly surpassed all of my expectations. My favorite part of the play was the way they started it with Othello carrying Desdemona in his arms, after they had just wed and at the end once they have both died he carries her in a similar way. This scene really made the tragedy appear even more tragic.  Another part of the play that really stood out to me was the way the actors actually re-acted the flashback after the fight on stage. You normally dont see this such scenes in plays, they’re usually in movies. However The Shakespere Company managed to pull it off and they did a brilliant job of it. Before watching the play i had already read Othello, so i knew the basic plot line which really made it a lot more suspensful for me because i knew what was going to happen. When Desdemona started singing that song around the end just before her murder it really sent chills down my spine, That was one of the most amazing ways of foreshadowing i’ve ever seen. I also really liked all the extra bits that the Shakespere Company added to the play to make it more intense. For example they showed Emilia pull the handkerchief out of her throat, i thought that was really interesting especially because Desdemona gets chocked to death because of the handkerchief and Emilia is partally responsible, so when she pulled  that same handkerchief out of her mouth i though that was really powerful. Overall The director really did an amazing job by adding dramatic irony and it really helped me as an audience member stay connected to the character.

Jailed at four

School is like a jail.

Everyday patiently waiting for bail.

Pushing us to go to Harvard or Yale.

Telling us not to lose faith, not to fail.

But we will prevail.

They force us to pick a right career.

Maybe you’ll be a nurse or an engineer.

There’s no knowing for sure untill next year.

Regradless were taught to not shed a tear.

We’re fearful but our futures still unclear.

Day after day we appear

And face our brutal reality

Where we are welcomed with cold hospitality.

They promote our individuality.

Yet slam our mentality.

And  influence our personality.

Until they completely control our functionality.

And leave us with no originality.

But they claim we’re all different, we’re all special.

That we all contain potential.

Then why is suppressing us so essential?

Teaching us who is influential.

Rather than letting us be experimental.

Our own progress is kept confidential.

As long as we reach the required credential.

We’re considered presidential.

Every decision is monitored by the guard.

Even to use the washroom we need a card.

The windows are blocked off with metal bars.

Making our future unreachable but we know its not far.

And I’ve said it before

And ill say it once more

School is like a jail

And im only 6 months from bail…

There will come a day filled with magical joy

"There will come" soft rains and the smell of the ground, 
And swallows circling with their shimmering sound;

And frogs in the pools singing at night,
And wild plum trees in tremulous white,

Robins will wear their feathery fire
Whistling their whims on a low fence-wire;

And not one will know of the war, not one
Will care at last when it is done.

Not one would mind, neither bird nor tree
If mankind perished utterly;

And Spring herself, when she woke at dawn,
Would scarcely know that we were gone.

Emulating writing. Inspired by “There will come soft rains” by Sarah Teasdale

There will come a day, filled with magical joy

As special to you as a child’s first toy

The sun will shine and the wind will blow

And you will be set free like the rivers flow

Your mouth slowly pressing into a grin

You become unrecognizable as if a twin

Feel the fresh air clearing your lungs

The same feeling you got when you were young

Take a deep breath, and again

This new chapter of your life has just begun

This poem i wrote was inspired by there will come Soft Rains. It is talking about countries that force their men to go and serve in the military and leave their family and entire life behind, they leave not knowing whether they will ever even see anyone again or not. It is also talks about the men and women who willingly chose to go and fight for the freedom of their country. I tried putting myself in their shoes and thinking about how it would feel to come back home after fighting in a war torn country and feeling trapped. I tried to imagine fresh air, especially after breathing the polluted air of war. The lines

Your mouth slowly pressing into a grin

You become unrecognizable as if a twin

are talking about how they don’t laugh/ smile in such a long time and how happy they get once they see their families again. It has been so long since they’ve smiled that they’ve almost become unrecognizable.




Six Word Stories

“Knife Behind Back, The Doorbell Rings.

“She Cried Alone, They Laughed Together.”

“He Loved Alcohol, More Than Himself.”

“She Laughed Playfully, Her Eyes Lit.”

“One Minute Here, Next Minute Gone.

“The Clown Fell Into The Well”

“Motive: Cleanse the World. Filthy inside.”

“Rich Are Poor. Poor Are Rich.”

“Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall. Same Routine.”

“Physically with me. Mentally with him.”

 “Powerful Are Innocent until proven innocent.”










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